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Unit 8: Genetics II & Evolutionary Theory

Unit 8 Completes the Discussion on Genetics, focusing on DNA structure and replication and genetic engineering. We will look at the pros and cons of of genetic engineering and other issues in genetics.

Unit 8 also takes a quick look into the Theory of Evolution. We will discuss Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and how animals adapt to survive. We will discuss both the evidence that supports evolutionary theory as well as questions that still remain.

Unit 8 Learning Objectives:



  • Diagram and Label the basic structure of DNA
  • Explain how the code of DNA is translated into mRNA and is utilized to synthesize proteins
  • Describe how genetic engineering manipulates recombinant DNA
  • Compare selective breeding to genetic engineering
  • Evaluate whether or not genetic engineering is used to improve human health and at what environmental cost
  • Explain Darwin’s theory of natural selection
  • Describe the relationship between genetics and natural selection
  • Identify evidence for and against the theory of evolution

Power Point Notes:

Link to genetics notes


STAR testing will interrupt our unit, therefore, be sure to keep current on your work so that you do not fall behind.

The expected class unit list is below: 

_____ Daily Bell Work Assignments (Vocabulary; Comparison Activities)

_____ Power Point Notes: Discovery and Structure of DNA

_____ Practice #52 & 19

_____ Power Point Notes: DNA Replication

_____ Ted Talk: DNA Replication

_____ Graphic Organizer: Compare/Contrast DNA and RNA

_____ DNA: The Double Helix Reading/ Color Coding Activity

_____ DNA: Transcription & Translation/ Color Coding Activity

_____ DNA, RNA & Snorks Activity

_____ DNA Vocabulary Quiz

_____ Genetic Engineering: “Your Genes Your Choices” Reading and written response

_____ Genetic Engineering: Read pg 80-83 (pacemaker text) wksht #54-21

_____ “King Corn” vs. “How it Works: Corn” Videos; opposing views for discussion and response

_____ “The Clone Age” Video/ Notes

_____ Power Point Lecture Notes: Intro to Evolution: Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection

_____ Power Point Notes: Types of Evolution

_____ Power Point Notes: Fossils and Paleontology

_____ Power Point Notes: Evidence for Evolution; Arguments Against Evolutionary Theory

_____  “Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Origin & Evolution of Life” Video Notes

_____ “Discovering Ardi” Video Notes

_____ Graphic Organizer: 3 Types of Evolution

_____ Graphic Organizer: Evidence that supports Theory of Evolution

_____ Pea Pod Lab Activity: Studying Variations Within a Species

_____ Unit Test