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Biology Recovery Units


Chapter Work from Pacemaker Biology Textbook
Chapters to choose from: 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 
* Complete the current unit being taught in class with a 65% or better before your extra unit will be counted! Extra unit is due by the Monday of the final week of the grading period.
*Your grade will be based on the accuracy of your answers on each assignment, your score on the chapter test, and the completed project.
Chapter Work Checklist: A more specific list is provided with each unit.
_____ Read the chosen chapter and take notes on each section (minimum one page per section; Cornell style notes encouraged)
_____ Define all Words to Know for the chapter (write out words and definitions)
_____ Complete all Check Your Understanding questions for each chapter. Write the questions and answer in complete sentences.
_____ Complete all attached worksheets for the chapter with the correct answers.
_____ Complete the Chapter Review: Vocabulary Review and Chapter Quiz at the end of the chapter. Write the questions and answer in complete sentences. 
_____ Complete the Chapter Test for the chapter with a 70% or better. (see Mrs. N for test)
_____ Complete one project related to this chapter that shows me what you have learned. You may use one of the following suggestions, or an original idea (with instructor approval).
Suggested project ideas: 
Poster on large paper showing main concepts of unit
Essay: min. two pages explaining main concept of unit in your own words.
Diagram of main concept of unit done on large paper, include labels and color 
Complete a project from the Lab Activity section of the chapter (each chapter has different suggested projects- see me for final approval)
**IMPORTANT: ALL work must be the ORIGINAL work of the student. Any copying, cheating, etc. will result in your receiving a zero on the unit, as well as possible disciplinary action.  I am available to help after school and during lunch, as well as during class time. Extra units are due on the Monday of the last week of the current grading period.

Science Digital Unit Recovery Option:

Power Point Presentation or Google Docs Presentation


You may earn one unit for completing an original Power Point or Google doc presentation on the current topic of study being discussed in class, or a chapter from your textbook.

Your presentation should be an informative teaching tool. Imagine that you are presenting this information to a person who knows nothing about it. Make sure you explain the information and use appropriate visual images to help a person understand what you are presenting.

These are the criteria for your Power Point:

1)      Total of 20 slides

2)      At least 3 bullet points on each slide

3)     At least 10 relevant pictures or diagrams throughout the presentation

4)     Text must be written in your own words. (no definitions, copying sentences from text book, or copying from websites online)

5)     You must present your presentation to Mrs. Neistadt

6)     You must be able to explain your presentation and answer questions related to it.

7)     Your presentation should be colorful, interesting, well organized, and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject material.

8)     Your research may come from your text book, library books, Internet sources, or classroom materials- but you must cite* your sources!!

*Citing your sources means that you list where the material came from and who wrote it. This takes time- but it is important! A presentation must have sources cited. Use your last slide to list all the materials you used during your research.***Ask me about this before your start your presentation if you are unsure what to do!!!***

**If you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint, use a Google Docs Presentation, they are free from You will have to create a free Gmail account to use Google docs.


You may email your finished presentation to: