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Physical Science

Physical Science is an 11th and 12th grade Science Class. This class is an integrated science class that covers topics ranging from physics and chemistry to earth science and ecology.

We will complete one unit together in class just as in a  traditional classroom setting. Students are also able to complete recovery units on their own time. Recovery units are based on supporting topics to our main units, but are not repeats of the main class units. Students have the freedom to complete recovery units as quickly, or as slowly, as they need in order to fulfill their educational goals. 


Physical Science: How do I get Units???

Class Unit:

Every student enrolled in class is required to complete the class unit during the length of time they remain in the class. Class units are determined according to a point system. Students earn points for each assignment and assessment assigned throughout the grading period. Students must achieve a 65% or better by the end of the grading period to receive the class unit. Assignments will assigned during class, and are to be completed during class. Potential assignments are: note taking from Power Point presentations, text worksheets, dry labs, video presentations, class discussions, writing assignments, mind mapping, diagrams, etc.  Check the class calendar at: for assignment due dates.

Class unit earned=1 unit per grading period.

Recovery Unit Option 1:

Certain chapters from the textbook may be competed in order to earn additional units. Check the recovery unit option 1 link on the website: or the handout available in class for the specific instructions on this option. Chapter work includes assignments such as note taking, vocabulary matching, concept review questions, and a final project to demonstrate learning.

Each chapter completed = 1 unit.

Recovery Unit (Digital) Option 2:

Students have the option to develop a digital presentation based on the current class unit topic, or a chapter from their class textbook. For details on the specific requirements of this unit, check the recovery unit option 2 link on the website: or get the handout from class. Students can use Microsoft Power Point, or Google Docs, to complete this assignment.  Student will be required to present their completed assignment to Mrs. Neistadt, and will have to discuss the work at length. All work must be the original creation by the student, and sources must be cited on the final presentation slide. Check the website for more details on number of slides, graphics used, etc.

Each presentation completed=1 unit. 



Physical Science Class Unit Topics by grading period:

Unit 1: Newton's Laws of Motion (Ch 3)

Unit 2: Work and Energy (Ch 25&26)

Unit 3: Sound and Waves (ch 12)

Unit 4: Electricity and Circuits (Ch 6&7)

Unit 5: Properties of matter (ch 16 & 17)

Unit 6: Chemical Bonds (ch 18&19)

Unit 7A: Plate Tectonics

Unit 7B: Earthquakes

Unit 8: Volcanoes (ch29)

Unit 9: Earth's Atmosphere