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Unit 4: Electricity

Chapter 6 & 7
CA- California K-12 Academic Content Standards
Concept 5: Electric and magnetic phenomena are related and have many practical applications. As a basis for understanding this concept:
Standard d: Students know the properties of transistors and the role of transistors in electric circuits.
Standard e: Students know charged particles are sources of electric fields and are subject to the forces of the electric fields from other charges.
Standard h: Students know changing magnetic fields produce electric fields, thereby inducing currents in nearby conductors.
Standard i: Students know plasmas, the fourth state of matter, contain ions or free electrons or both and conduct electricity.

Learning Objectives:
1. Trace Circuit Paths (5d)
2. Interpret the electric symbols for battery, bulb, wire, and switch (5d,e)
3. Draw a circuit diagram of a real circuit (5d,e)
4. Identify open and closed circuits (5e)
5. Describe the electric forces electric chargers exert on each other (5e)
6. Describe the transfer of energy in a circuit (5e, h, i)
7. Classify materials as conductors, semiconductors, or insulators (5e, h, i)

Unit 4 Power Points:

****Assignment list is not guaranteed, and may be adjusted according to needs of the class as determined by Mrs. Neistadt:
_____ Read Ch 6.1 and complete Crossword Puzzle
_____ Chapter 6 Class Notes/Summary (objectives 1-4) Power Point Presentations (with responders)
_____ What is a Circuit? Light bulb Circuit Lab Investigation 6.1
_____ Quiz: Circuits (objectives 1-4)
_____ Physical Science: Electricity Video/ Notes  (Discovery Education)
_____ Chapter 7 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
_____ Objectives #5-7 Power Point Presentations (with responders)
_____ 7.3 Measuring Resistance Lab
_____ Group Activity: Draw Circuit Path/ Explain energy transfers
_____ Review Activity: chapter 6 & 7 concept review questions
_____ Understanding Electricity Part 1 Video/ Questions (Discovery Education)
_____ Quiz: objectives 5-7
_____ Review: Study Guide for Unit 4 Test
_____ Unit 4 Test (all objectives)