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Unit 1: Intro Ecology











Welcome to Unit 1: Ecology

Unit 1 Assignments:

8-13-12 Student Survey

8-14-12 Pacemaker Text Scavenger Hunt

8-17-12 Mind Map (Example)

8-28-12 Unit 1 Ecology Test Study Guide

Ecology Powerpoints:

8-16-12 Intro to Ecology and Symbiotic Relationships





CA- California K-12 Academic Content Standards
Subject : Science
Grade : Grades Nine Through Twelve
Area : Biology/Life Sciences
Sub-Strand : Ecology
Concept 6: Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects. As a basis for understanding this concept:
Standard a: Students know biodiversity is the sum total of different kinds of organisms and is affected by alterations of habitats.
Standard b: Students know how to analyze changes in an ecosystem resulting from changes in climate, human activity, introduction of nonnative species, or changes in population size.
Standard e: Students know a vital part of an ecosystem is the stability of its producers and decomposers.
Standard f: Students know at each link in a food web some energy is stored in newly made structures but much energy is dissipated into the environment as heat. This dissipation may be represented in an energy pyramid.